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Unfortunately Cowboy fans the salary cap is a huge part of football in 2013.

We no longer have the good old days that if a player wasn't performing you could just plain release him and move on like so many of you have been calling for.

It's just not that simple anymore.

Free had a dead money figure of 10.2 million, If he was released that money is still going to count against us. If he was a June 1st cut the cap charge gets split up 30/70 over the next two years .

So if he was released his cap figure would be 3 million this season and 7 million in 2014 . People spin it where they say we would save 7 million if he is cut but the truth is we don't.

Cutting Free and signing lets say Eric Winston we would be paying Free and Winston at the right tackle position which isn't smart business,especially since in my opinion Winston isn't a good fit or any better than Free. 

I've been saying all along keeping Free at a reduced rate and hoping he regains his top five status as a tackle that he had just two years ago was the Cowboys smartest option. 

Now the Cowboys really save 7 million this year and next depending on if he plays back to the form he once had. What this does is open up the door to sign Sean Lee who in case you missed it becomes an unrestricted free agent after the 2013 season.

Personally I think Doug Free still has game and can be a big contributor to our team in 2013 and beyond.


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