If we get six wins with this schedule, I consider 2014 a successful season. Don’t get it twisted. I am a Dallas Cowboy fan to the end. The Star is the only emblem that matters. The six-win expectation is more an indictment of how bad our 8-8 from last season was in reality. That said I must commend one Jerry Jones for the perfect offseason.

As much as D. Ware meant to our team (not just the defense) we simply couldn’t justify (financially) paying the man what he was worth given the need for more talented bodies on defense. D. Ware’s departure is more an attempt at correcting past mistakes.


The mistakes of signing/paying players based on their past performances on an ever-increasing pay scale. The same can be said for Jason Hatcher (who let it be known he was all about the Benjamins, baby) but his age (31) made him a risky signing. Fellow New Jerseyan Miles Austin health issues limited his playing time and production to the point that we could no longer afford him.

Every signing made in the offseason signals competition in my eyes. A problem in my eyes is the drop off from our frontline players to the backups. This is true on most teams but more prominent on teams that suffer from injury as often as we do. Too many of our players that are better suited for special teams or spot duty roles played significant minutes and started for us on defense. Heath and Holloman come immediately to mind when thinking of those that saw too much playing time.

Another masterful move was not moving up or drafting Johnny Manziel. Here is the reason; with Romo’s contract as it is, Tony is our quarterback for at least the next two seasons. Drafting Johnny and sitting him doesn’t help the Dallas Cowboys given the inadequacies on the other side of the ball and on the offensive line.

I know, I know everyone points to our offensive firepower and predict wins. They say, “Romo will eat this team up, will slice up that defense,” but everything the offense accumulated, the defense gave back including passing yards 4,226-4,835, rushing yards 1,504-2,056, and touchdowns 51-51. I can't expect a repeat performance from the defense. We can't be that bad again, can we?

Still many decisions to make before the season starts but I do like the direction the offseason moves has the Dallas Cowboys headed.


Augustine Dashiell


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