Tell our readers a little about yourself:


My name is Joe Williams aka Cowboy Joe born and raised in Boston, Ma. Married to my wife April for 8 years and have 3 kids Tyler (16), Dallas (6) and Lilly Star (4). In 2012, we made my lifelong dream come true and moved my family to Texas. The number 1 reason was because of the Dallas Cowboys.

Since being here in Texas I have coached pee wee football and named VP of the football league in Lake Dallas.   BOYS4LIFE


Twitter handle: @Boys4life77




1. What year did you become a Dallas Cowboy fan?

CowboyJoe: In 1977, Watched a Boys vs Giants game, I saw the Star on Roger and Drew's helmet and I was hooked.



2. Who is your favorite current Dallas Cowboys player and why?

CowboyJoe: My favorite is all 46 that have a Star on their helmet every Sunday. I am a fan of the Star not the Stars.



3. Most memorable/least moment as a Dallas Cowboys fan?

CowboyJoe: Being at Troy and Emmitt's enshrinement was the best Cowboy Experience.

CowboyJoe: My least favorite is easy, The Catch, as a 5th grader I was devastated for a very long time.



4. What grade would you give Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett?

CowboyJoe: I think it should be an incomplete grade because of all the injuries the team has had, but the team plays hard for him and has never quit on him. I want to see him coach with a full team.



5. In your Opinion what should the Dallas Cowboys goals as organization be?  Short-term? Long-term?

CowboyJoe: The short term goal is to draft well and develop the later round players and UDFA’s. Long term is to be competitive every year.



6. What is your prediction for the Dallas Cowboys for the 2014 Season?

CowboyJoe: I think if they have a healthy team they are more than capable of winning at least 10 games



Let’s do a little word association…… I’ll say a name and you say the first thing that comes to mind. GO!!!!



Jason Witten

CowboyJoe:  Beast! He is an old school pro that every young player should try and model their careers after.



DeMarco Murray

CowboyJoe: Stud! When he is on the field he is a top 5 NFL back.



Jerry Jones

CowboyJoe: Genius! I love the guy, I believe the majority of fans don't like him and blame him for everything and I believe if we had a different owner fans would be wanting him back after year one. I believe the GM title is made too much of by fans. He is not scouting, making draft boards, and picking players. He pays and trusts his scouting department and coaches and contrary to popular belief picks who the majority wants. 



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