Thank you Ashley for participating in our’s Dallas Cowboys Fan Profile series! Tell our readers a little about yourself.


Twitter handle: @DCBlueStar





1. What year did you become a Dallas Cowboy fan?

DCBlueStar: I'm not sure I could pinpoint a year. I was pretty young about 3 or 4 years old.



2. Who is your favorite all-time Dallas Cowboys player and why?


DCBlueStar: Roger Staubach. Anyone who knows his story knows what a great American he is. Coming into football as a 27 year old rookie and then leading the team to six NFC championship games... Captain Comeback. How can anyone not love him?



3. Most memorable/least moment as a Dallas Cowboys fan?


DCBlueStar: Most memorable has to be either when Emmitt Smith broke the rushing record and started crying on the field, or when George Teague knocked TO out for disrespecting the star. Least memorable is harder to pinpoint because we've had a lot of misery in recent years. I guess I'd have to say that last game vs the Giants when we thought we had this epic comeback, and the ruled Dez's TD incomplete because his pinky was out of bounds. I had never celebrated such a comeback in my life.



4. What grade would you give Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones? (A-F)


DCBlueStar: As owner I'd give him an A. He's a great owner. Probably one of the best in the entire league. GM is another story, though I realize it's not *all* his fault.




5. In your Opinion what should the Dallas Cowboys goals as organization be? Short-term? Long-term?


DCBlueStar: Get younger. Address depth. Take players of need. Draft stout players without previous issues of injury. Follow the Seahawks plan. Get younger and faster. Defense, defense, and defense.

Our trenches have been sorely ignored for a line time as we always seem to like to make the sexy pick. Those goals should be for short and long term. I feel like if you correctly address your long term needs, your short term goals become fulfilled as well.



6. Would you trade defensive lineman DeMarcus Ware? Yes or No.  If Yes then why?


DCBlueStar: It would depend on the situation. I would definitely require him to take a pay cut. If he doesn't agree then a cut or trade is the only way to go. His health is declining and his cap number is too much for an unhealthy DE in a system that's changing and getting younger. He's not the player he used to be. The team needs to focus on depth, youth and health.


7. What is your prediction for the Dallas Cowboys for the 2014 Season?


DCBlueStar: I'd have to say I'm pretty intimidated by the schedule as it currently stands (no free agency, draft, ect)... I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say 9-7, but I could very easily see 4-12.




Time for Dallas Cowboys Word Association……….

1. Monte Kiffin

DCBlueStar: Senile


2. Jerry Jones

DCBlueStar: Senile


3. Jason Garrett

DCBlueStar: Clueless


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