Ok so I have gone over the 13 running plays the Cowboys ran Sunday vs the Chiefs and here is what I saw.


1st Play Murray to the right end : I saw the offensive line all blocking to the right with Free over running and missing the linebacker who penetrated to bounce Murray out wide. After that I saw both Witten and Dez get beat badly on their blocks with those 2 Chiefs pursuing and making the tackle for a 2 yd loss.


2nd Play Murray to the left end: I saw Murray sweeping left with a Chiefs linebacker Akeem Jordan come flying through the middle (Frederick missed) he combined on the tackle with the Tamba Hali who Witten couldn't handle for a 1 yard gain.


3rd Play Murray to the right guard: I saw Hanna taking care of his man , Frederick and Bernadeau double teaming , and Witten and Free doubling Hali . Murray had a nice hole , Free was trying to get off his block to pick up Akeem Jordan and was being held by Hali .       ( penalty not called) If Murray had bounced outside it had the makings of a huge play. Hanna had the edge with Miles picking up the safety. Murray 5 yard gain.


4th Play Murray to the left: I saw the entire line on the move to the left blocking very well, Leary seems to not move very well when pulling. The biggest mistake I saw was Escobar out wide ran right by Hali to block the safety. What that did was leave Hali unblocked and forced Murray inside . I am not sure if Escobar was to block Hali or if Leary and Smith should have been out there, but if he had been blocked and Murray got to the corner he would have had a ton of room to run. 6 yard gain


5th play Murray up the middle: This was 2nd and goal at the 1 and what I saw was typical goal line blocking everyone getting low. Unfortunately Smith was beat by DE Mike DeVito who came across the line of scrimmage to stop Murray for a 1 yard loss. Murray scores if Devito doesn't make that play.


6th Play Murray to the right : I saw Free blow his man 10 yards down field but also saw Waters get stood up and pushed back forcing Demarco inside. He was tackled by Mike Devito who beat Tyron. Tyron actually was chasing him and tackled him into Demarco. Again if Murray got outside blocking was good and the chance for a big gain was there. 1 yard gain.


7th Play Murray to the right :  I saw good blocking by Free and Bernadeau, Witten looked overmatched by Justin Houston who shed Witten to make the tackle. This time Murray had time to get outside and had great blocking down field by Dez and Miles but chose to cut back between Witten and Free for a 5 yard gain.


8th Play Murray to the right side: I saw Free cut inside and sealed the edge while  Witten was battling Justin Houston and Bernadeau pulling picking up Derrick Johnson. Demarco heading for the corner cut back into the hole created and into the waiting arms of linebacker Akeem Jordan. 1 yard gain


9th Play Murray to the left : I saw Tamba Hali abuse Witten while Demarco cut back to a hole that closed very quickly by Tyson Jackson manhandling Tyron Smith. Hali shed Wittens block to make the tackle. no gain.


10th Play Murray to the right: I saw a huge hole between Free and Bernadeau and for some reason Demarco  didn't take it and ran straight up the middle into a wall of players. Gained 3 yards.


11th Play Murray to the right: I saw the best overall play of the day, Free and Bernadeau destroyed the tackle, Leary pulling picked up a linebacker while Witten blocked his man . This created a nice hole that Murray got through but couldn't make the safety miss. Gain of 4 yards.


12th Play  Dunbar to the left: Play designed to go right Dunbar saw no openings stopped on a dime took off for the left and was sprung by James Hanna with a great block on Tamba Hali. Gain 12 yards.


13th Play Murray to the left: I saw good blocking and a hole on the left with Akeem Jordan sitting in it. The Cowboys had Waters pulling into that hole and was blown up by Jordan forcing Murray to cut into the pile of players and waiting arms of  Tyson Jackson. Gain of 2 yards.


So that's it 13 rushing attempts totaling 37 yards (2.8ypc) .  Who's to blame? The way I see it there are different issues on every play that caused the running game to be ineffective Sunday. Witten wasn't a great blocker , Smith didn't have a good game. Water's looked like a 36 yr old who hasn't played in 19 months but  I believe the most common thing I saw after watching these plays over and over is ..... Murray.

He seems to have no vision down field and cuts to soon or not at all and shows zero burst hitting the edge or a hole before it closes. Dunbar's one run he displayed that vision and that burst. I am wondering if we are going to see more and more of Dunbar and less and less of Murray. To say the rushing problems are solely the fault of the offensive line just isn't accurate. One thing for certain, they need to run more and be more effective if the Boys are going to play in January.