Shots fired........

One of the biggest rivalries in the National Football League's history the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins hatred just got kicked up a notch.

The second year football sensation Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III told a group of Redskins fans during their NFL Draft party at FedEx Field that " We spanked the Cowboys" and "We made Cowboys Stadium our home.

In Griffin's rookie year he led the Redskins over the Cowboys 38-31 in their first Thanksgiving meeting, he later led the Redskins to victory 28-18 in the season finale to clinch the NFC East at FedEx field.

Will some of the Cowboys players see this as a challenge and rise to the occasion for their next NFC East battle against the Redskins?

Only time will tell.

Griffin also added...........

"I'm good. You guys saw me jumping. I mean, I can run a little bit," he said, running in place some more. "I'll be good. No worries. I'll take it slow, but at the same time, I'll be ready to go."