For the Dallas Cowboys defense from here on out, it's simply time to put up or shut up. Despite being 7-7 after an atrocious loss to the Green Bay Packers last week, the Dallas Cowboys somehow still control their own destiny. The Cowboys as a whole, shouldn't be 7-7 right now. They should be at least 9-5 or 10-4 but they aren't because of the defense that has blown leads this year in games that shouldn't have been lost. Entering week 16, the Cowboys are ranked last (32nd) in the NFL in yards allowing 427.3 yards a game and are giving up 27.5 points a game and that needs to change in a hurry. The defense should now know that if they show more heart and fight, winning the next two games against the Redskins and Eagles shouldn't be a problem. The way this defense has blown big leads this season time and time again, urgency and accountability should be kicking in. Cowboys Nation is obviously fed up with Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett and Monte Kiffin respectively but that doesn't excuse the lack of effort that all Cowboy fans have seen from this defense all season. Playing for the Dallas Cowboys means that each player is held to a higher standard.


Based on all of the mess on defense, it isn't all Monte Kiffin's fault. The players on defense especially one of our team leaders DeMarcus Ware, need to step up and not only play well but dominate. The playoffs are right there for the taking and no one is going to hand us anything. It's time for the defense to show more resistance and play like they want to be in the playoffs and win it all. We all know that our defense is short-handed and injuries are a part of the game but you are all pros so play like it. The main questions for the defense for the next two weeks are - Is the Dallas Cowboys defense going to finally step up and remove all doubts that we have now in them or will they let non-sense stop us from making the playoffs this year?