If I am to grade Jerry Jones the owner, I should explain my rubric. I’m looking for an owner that handles the business side (off the field) of things and expresses his vision for the franchise with energy, think Pat Croce as he served as the mouthpiece of an ownership group with the Philadelphia 76ers. Another must for my owner is a commitment to winning. Not only financially, but also in creating an atmosphere for success and comfort with the organization.

A prime example of commitment other than contract dollars is the lavish accommodations given by Mark Cuban to his Dallas Mavericks. I also need the ability to keep my franchise relevant as a must for my owner, who wants to play for a franchise that can only boast they are a team in a league? 

What has that team done for the community, what type of dollars has he invested in the community and so forth.

If these are the marks of a quality owner Jerry deserves an A - minus. Although some of the boastful rants may seem delusional and off the mark, it is hard for anyone to question the man’s desire to win. As for keeping the Cowboys relevant…when was the last time a sponsor left/refused the Star? The logo itself prints money and that can’t be attributed to the recent play on the field. Jerry invests mucho money into the franchise and community, just look at Jerry World and the events it attracts. Whether it is home games, college basketball, or boxing, each event brings money to both Jerry and the community.

To recap:

• Vision and energy – 100 points
• Commitment to winning – 100 points
• Keep franchise relevant – 100 points
• Community Investment – 100 points
• Hire a GM – 66 points (hired three Jimmy, Parcells, and himself)

That is 466 points out of 500 or 93%

My GM would control player transactions, contract negotiations, hires and fires coaching staff and head coach, oversee football operations in a way that creates a competitive team on the field and a stable coaching staff off the field.

This can only end in a bad grade such as a D, as included in player transactions is the evaluation of talent or trusting the eyes of the scouting department and coaches you as the GM hired. Contract negotiations would include overpaying players and free agents, see our current salary cap situation and this is not a strong point either.


As for hiring a coach and staff, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry smh the thing about this is we never know if the head coach is any good due to his meddling and restrictions on staff. As for a competitive team, with the money Jerry spends he fields just enough talent that a competitive is a given, but smarter decisions are needed to turn the corner.


To recap:
• Control player transactions – 70 points (a lot of bad free agent signings)
• Hires and fires coach and staff – 50 points
• Contract negotiations – 60 points (dead money kills the team)
• Competitive roster – 80 points
• Cohesive staff – 50 points

The total comes to 340 out of 500 points or 64%

This explains my love/hate feelings when it comes to our owner (I love that guy) and our GM (I scan the transactions pages hoping he is released daily) take it how you want, but that’s how I see it.


Augustine Dashiell
Shoot me questions on twitter @psndotcom