DALLAS TEXAS — The Dallas Cowboys are set to take on the Philadelphia Eagles in a “win or go home” scenario at AT&T Stadium, which as most fans sadly recall, Dallas is 0-2 in those games the last two years.

Dallas has had what most believe to be an up and down season. However they are still near the top of the division, with a possibility of winning the NFC East this Sunday. The last time the Eagles and Cowboys met, Dallas won 17-3. That game, Tony Romo went 28/47 and threw for 317 yards (ESPN.com).

That was a whole different team back then. At that point, the Cowboys were 3-3, they were slightly healthier, and weren’t missing Romo. Here we are in the last game of the season and the rock of the offense, Tony Romo, is out with a herniated disc which he had surgically repaired. At the quarterback helm the Cowboys will have Kyle Orton, whom has a history of being a less than stellar starter. The question on everyones mind is, can they win?

What needs to happen for a win:

DeMarco Murray MUST run the ball. When the Dallas Cowboys run the ball at least 10 times a game, Dallas wins.

Dallas Defense must be FULLY aware and PREPARED for LeSean McCoy, Nick Foles, and the tricky Eagles Offense. Additionally, Dallas must attack these players like they did the first meeting. Furthermore, on the other side of the ball, Dallas MUST protect Orton and devote as much time to the running game as they do passing.


A note to fans

The last game Dallas played in front of you the fans was against Green Bay. As the game went on fans from both sides could be heard. However, as the game came to an end, the opposing fans got louder. Cowboys Nation, this can’t happen!

We ARE America’s Team, you ARE America’s fans. GET LOUD!  Looking at social media “true fans” have all but written the Cowboys off, however the 100% die-hard fans like myself are hungry for Philadelphia Eagles meat. Philadelphia fans believe they have already won, and Dallas fans remain quiet. In fact, if you look on the Internet, you will see a radio station in Philadelphia that made a billboard saying “go ahead and set your tee times Jerry Jones.”

My request to you: please represent your team! Be loud, be PROUD! You the fans can keep our ‘Boys emotionally in this game. Let them hear you, and blow the roof off AT&T Stadium! GO COWBOYS!!!


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