Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys


ARLINGTON, Texas — the Dallas Cowboys are set to take on Washington for the 107th time.


The Cowboys hold a 62-42-2 advantage in this game, with the most recent loss coming in a game that could have put the division title in Dallas’ hands. But, instead went to Washington (ESPN.com, 2013).

Last December, saw the Dallas offense constantly running from the Redskins’ blitzing defense. Because there were so many issues with the blitz, Romo completed 54.1% of his passes and three interceptions.


Fast forward to this season and they are two different teams. In their division we see two teams both ranked with 2-3 records at the top of the division. Both are seemingly even defenses who both give up over 20 points and over 400 yards a game. Along with the defenses, we have two top caliber Quarterbacks whom have a supporting cast capable of beating almost anyone. The biggest difference is that Romo has shown improvement whereas, some could argue Griffin seems to be at a standstill. This last week Tony Romo had a career day against the Denver Broncos. Romo threw over 500 yards, and that helped keep Dallas fairly even with the Broncos until the end of the game. Receivers and the running game, gave the game their all and above. It may not seem like a very positive thing, but, the Cowboys gave Peyton Manning and the Broncos a run for their money. The game could have gone either way, and that is something most experts and fans did not expect.


Keeping momentum for Dallas: A note to the Cowboys and Cowboys Nation


The most glaring issue of the game last week was Defense, and decision making. Top players in Dallas kept getting hurt, and for some that already were, backup players just couldn’t keep up with Denver. No matter what happened, the Dallas Cowboys countered Denver’s possessions with scores.


Some fans view the game against Washington as an “easy win” for Dallas. However, no game is ever really an easy win. Players, we need you to give your 100% effort. Don’t be upset about Denver and most importantly don’t lose confidence in yourselves! Romo put the Denver game in the past and be the Tony Romo we saw you can be! This goes for the rest of the offense, do your thing and you’ll be fine! Defense, we need you to be on your toes. To our beloved Dallas Cowboys, Offense AND Defense: Despite what people say, Washington has dangerous players on both sides of the ball. Don’t believe the doubters, don’t get overconfident.


To the FANS!  As we know the Cowboy Nation is worldwide. Wherever the members of the Cowboy Nation are, they always represent the nation. You the fans, need to continue to be loud, show the players and the world, you BELIEVE! Let’s show this league again, why the Cowboy Nation is not only God’s team, but, also the best.


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