Denver Broncos (4-0) @ Dallas Cowboys (2-2)


ARLINGTON, Texas — The last time Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys went against an undefeated Peyton Manning-led team he had only three starts under his belt. Romo’s first start against Peyton Manning was when Peyton played for the Colts. The game was a hard fought game which saw Bill Parcells handing the game over to Romo. During that game the Cowboys ran the ball 36 times, and Romo went 19-23 passes for 226 yards (ESPN). This same game saw Romo complete 10 of his final 11 passes for 130 yards on a final drive, to complete a 21-14 victory ending Indianapolis’ perfect season hopes. That was then, and this is a whole different team. Move forward a few years, what has changed?


This season brings many similarities between the two teams, and also many differences. Dallas and Denver both have their fair share of elusive players. Denver has guys like Eric Decker, DeMaryius Thomas, and Wes Welker to name a few. Meanwhile, Dallas answers with a counter attack of Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams, and Dwayne Harris. As far as running backs go, Denver has players like Knowshon Moreno, Montee Ball, and Ronnie Hillman. As a counter attack Dallas answers with DeMarco Murray, Phillip Tanner, Joseph Randle and Lance Dunbar. Receivers and running backs like these are dangerous, but they are even more dangerous with each respective Quarterback.



What it all comes down to


It is safe to say the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos are full of unique threats, so it may all come down to who can score more. So, knowing that both teams have dangerous personnel, each defense must keep their eyes open.

The Cowboys can probably get away with different pass plays and various runs, much like the Broncos, however on paper they are fairly even. Dallas allows 382.2 yards per game while Denver allows 390.2 ( The last time Dallas beat a Peyton Manning-led team, they controlled the ball for 33 minutes, 42 seconds. Dallas may need that type of clock domination, as well as limiting the number of mistakes for another winning performance.




A note to fans

To those of you going to the game don’t forget to be loud and proud! Our Cowboys are going into a tough fight; you can consider this game to be like a boxing match. Two heavyweights throwing punch for punch. You the fans are the water, the Gatorade or the blood that keeps our champion alive. Be loud, be proud, and let’s show the world that Cowboys Nation is strong!



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