Yes people we are all frustrated with the lack of running and more importantly the lack of production coming from the running game, but Sunday is not the day to try and improve on that. The Rams have only allowed 61 yards rushing per game while allowing 330 yards passing through their first two games.

The Rams secondary with names like Finnegan and Jenkins have been getting beat up the last 2 weeks by the likes of Larry Fitzgerald and Julio Jones.

The Rams front seven led by Michael Brockers, Robert Quinn, Alec Ogletree, and Chris Long are very talented and very aggressive limiting the Falcons backs to only 36 yards on 16 carries (2.2 ypc).

I saw on film the Rams line 5 and 6 men up on the defensive line leaving alot of single coverage down field.


So what do you do to beat them?

1. The Falcons backs had a combined 10 receptions for 91 yards and a touchdown. So using Murray and Dunbar on screens, swings, and wheel routes will be very productive against a very aggressive front seven.  


2. The Rams were in Matt Ryan's face all day and sacked him twice, The Cowboys offensive line needs to continue the very good pass protection they have given Tony so far this year and to go along with that Tony needs to play smart and release that ball quicker to avoid negative plays.


3, DEZ, DEZ, DEZ , Yes keep feeding Dez the ball. Cortland Finnegan and Janoris Jenkins have given up some pretty big plays this year. Larry Fitzgerald and Julio Jones have combined for 19 receptions 260 yards with 3 touchdowns against the duo. If Romo has time Mr. Bryant should have a monster game Sunday.

I am one of the very few people in Cowboy nation who thinks the running game isn't necessary to have success. The problem isn't the run to pass ratio it's the touchdown to field goal ratio. I can hear you all saying " you need the running game to get in the end zone".

My answer to that is the Boys are a passing team in a passing league, That's what they do well and that my Cowboy friends is how they need to get in the end zone just like the Saints, Packers, and Broncos of the world.

I just don't see them running on this defense effectively at all so fans in my opinion Romo will be airing it out Sunday in Arlington. I could be wrong, but my money is on Romo hitting if not passing his 45 pass attempts per game  that he has so far this season .

I think if the Cowboy offense hits on these three things they easily put up 30 plus points Sunday.