Dallas Cowboys fans we are a few hours from the Sunday Night Football divisional match up between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys.

The New York Giants currently has a 4-0 record at the AT&T stadium since its opening in 2009. Its been said that AT&T stadium has a reputation of being an easy place to play and almost a away/home game for most visiting teams and we as Cowboys fans must change that perception.







Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo had this to say:

"Our fans have done a great job. We need them to be at their best on Sunday night. When they are, they're very tough to deal with here in Dallas. I expect them to be like that on Sunday, and I think that will help us gain a big advantage if we get that."

So Dallas Cowboys fans do your job let's make Eli Manning and the New York Giants uncomfortable. We need to stand on our feet and get loud and rowdy on 3rd downs.

Cowboys fans need to be so loud that the Giants can not hear their offensive call, from the party pass areas to the nose bleed seats we need to bring the noise. Let's bring back the home field advantage to our stadium!

Will the real Dallas Cowboys fans please stand up?

We will be chatting throughout the Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants game on Facebook and Twitter.