Big game Sunday at Arrowhead . Here are my 5 keys to a Cowboys victory.



5. DEZ NEEDS THE BALL- Dez last week had safety coverage rolled his way the entire game and at a point he had triple coverage. Bill Callahan needs to find a way to get the Cowboys most explosive player the ball by  putting him in motion or have Dez run some quick slants,hitches and bubble screens.



4. DEMARCO NEEDS HIS TOUCHES-  Even though the Cowboys were pass heavy vs the Giants with Romo attempting 49 passes, Demarco ran 20 times and caught 8 more balls out of the backfield which are essentially part of the run game. Demarco averaged 4.5 yards per touch.



3. NEED MENTAL TOUGHNESS- Last year after a big opening game win in New York the Boys lost to a very similiar team in Seattle and their 12th man. Like Seattle, Kansas City Has a ton of talent on both sides of the ball but are overlooked because they are not household names . Chiefs fans are some of the most loyal fans in the NFL and pack Arrowhead every Sunday. The 76,000 plus will be raring to go and will be very loud in their home opener  . The Boys this week practiced indoors with noise pumping in to simulate the crowd, They need to stay focused and play their game to avoid another let down in week 2 after a big victory over the NYG.



2. HAVE TO STOP THE RUN - The Boys will see a heavy dose of Jamaal Charles Sunday who averaged 4.8 yards per carry in week 1 . The Boys front 7 led by Hatcher and Hayden in the middle need to clog up the gaps and trust the speed of their linebackers  will get to the ball. In my opinion if you stop the Chiefs run and force Smith to throw more we win this game.




1. TONY NEEDS TO PLAY SMART- Last week 33 of his 49 attempts were 5 yards or less. Alot of that had to do with the coverage the Giants rolled out to stop Dez and part of that was Callahans play calling. Tony in my opinion played one of the best mental games in his career. He didn't force the ball down the field into tight coverage with the chance of turning the ball over, Instead he did what a smart football player does and checks down to his tight end and backs . It is not "sexy" football but it is very very smart football and he got the job done. If the Chiefs try and take Dez out of the game Tony needs to do the same thing and we win.


These in my opinion are what our beloved Cowboys need to do in order to go 2-0!