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Dallas Cowboys Draft History With This Year’s Picks

The NFL Draft is only a month away with the Dallas Cowboys have nine picks through the seven rounds. Two rounds the team won’t have any selections (5th and 7th rounds). With where the Cowboys are selecting, here is a look at who the Cowboys have chosen with those picks throughout their 55 year history.

Pick 4:

The Cowboys have only selected once from this spot. In 1964 the Cowboys selected Scott Appleton. Appleton played college football at the University of Texas where he was awarded the Outland Trophy. In 1963 the Longhorns won the National Championship. Appleton would never play for the Cowboys since they traded his rights to Pittsburgh. Appleton was also selected in the first round of the AFL Draft and signed with the Houston Oilers. He spent four seasons in the AFL between the Oilers and San Diego Chargers.

Pick 34:

In the 1963 NFL Draft the Cowboys will have the 34th selection. That year they chose Jim Price a linebacker out of Auburn in the 3rd round. Price much like Appleton wouldn’t play a down in the NFL but went the route of the AFL. During his two year stint in the AFL he played for the New York Jets and Denver Broncos.

The other selection the Cowboys have made at 34 came in 2014 when the team traded up with the Washington Redskins to grab Demarcus Lawrence. Following a stint on the short-term injured reserve Lawrence has played in 23 games not including the two playoff games of 2014. He didn’t record a sack until the playoffs of his rookie campaign. Lawrence finished with a team high eight sacks a season ago.

Pick 67:

The Cowboys have selected three times at pick 67 in their history. All of which were offensive linemen. In 1988 Mark Hutson would be the first of the three. Hutson wouldn’t play in the NFL but would return to the University of Oklahoma as a graduate assistant in 1990. Hutson has coached both in the NFL and college level. Notably joined the staff at Eastern Illinois the season after Tony Romo’s last season before signing with the Cowboys.

Clay Shiver was the second of the three when he was drafted in 1996. When Ray Donaldson went down with an injury, Shiver took over and would start every game in 1997. An injury cut short his 1998 season and wouldn’t be retained at the end of his contract when Cowboys signed Mark Stepnowski. Shiver would sign with the Broncos only to be cut before the season. He then would take the roster spot of former Cowboy Nate Newton with the Carolina Panthers but never appeared in a NFL game again. He was released in 2000.

James Marten was the third selection of the trio of offensive linemen taken at pick 67. Much like the previous two, Marten wouldn’t have any success in the NFL. He never started a game for the Cowboys, Oakland Raiders, Chicago Bears or the Miami Dolphins. He retired in 2011.

Pick 101:

The Cowboys first ever selection at 101 came back in 1964 when they also selected Appleton. This time they chose Al Geverink, a two way player for the UCLA Bruins. He played wide receiver and linebacker. He totaled five receptions for 125 yards with no touchdowns. He wouldn’t play a down in the NFL. Much like their pick in 1974 NFL Draft, Northern Michigan running back Andy Adrade.

Before the Adrade selection the Cowboys chose a center from Boston College named John Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald was first tried as a defensive lineman before moving to the offensive line as a center. He was one of two lineman that went through the conversion with Pat Donovan, who was part of the group nicknamed “Four Irishmen and a Scott”. Fitzgerald would start 108 games during his career. Which included two Super Bowl winning teams in 1971 and 1978. He would retire in 1980 following a 10 year career.

In 1982 the team selected Brian Carpenter out of Michigan. He would play 35 career games between the Buffalo Bills, New York Giants and Washington Redskins. He never took a snap for the Dallas Cowboys. He was out of the league following the 1984 season. In 1997 Antonio Anderson was selected by the Cowboys in the 4th round. He was part of a trade from Detroit which sent picks 101 and 65 (used to select Dexter Coakley) for the Cowboys 2nd round pick. Anderson would play 21 games for the Cowboys and produced only two career sacks. He was out of the league following the 1998 season.

The most recent pick at 101 was in the much maligned 2009 NFL Draft when the Cowboys selected Stephen McGee out of Texas A&M. This pick was the last quarterback that was selected by the Cowboys. During his career McGee was primarily the 3rd guy on the depth chart and only was action in the preseason. In 2010 McGee started his first career game with Tony Romo gone for the season due to a collarbone fracture. He led the Cowboys to a 14-13 victory of the Eagles. Before the beginning of the 2012 season McGee was waived and signed with the Houston Texans. McGee was released at the end of 2013 season before heading to the CFL where he never played. He is now out of football entirely.

Pick 135:

In 1983 the Cowboys selected Chuck McSwain in the 5th round out of Clemson. He would play a total of 16 games over two seasons before leaving football to resurface in 1987 for the New England Patriots. He was primarily used as a returner.

The other selection at 135 was Matt Johnson out of Eastern Washington. If you ask some of those that are part of Cowboys Nation community on Twitter, he is the greatest player that never was. It was well known that he had a highlight reel of plays on YouTube that showed his range and hard hitting ability. After three years on the injured reserve Johnson announced his retirement in February of 2015. Blogging The Boys even wrote a farewell to Matt Johnson.

Pick 189:

The Cowboys have selected two players with pick 189 in their history. Both of which came in the 1980’s. In 1980 they took a running back out of Clemson named Lester Brown. Brown would never play a regular season snap for the Cowboys but he would play for five teams in seven years in the CFL.

Then in 1983 the Cowboys took Chris Schultz out of Arizona. Schultz was an offensive lineman who played for the Cowboys in 1983 and 1985. In 85 he started eight games for the Cowboys. He then went to the CFL much like Brown. Schultz played for nine seasons before retiring in 1994.

Pick 212:

In 1961 the Dallas Cowboys selected Jerry Steffen in the 16th round. Steffen was listed as a running back and defensive back according to sports-reference.com. There isn’t nothing in their database to show he played a single snap in the NFL or CFL.

In 1986 the Cowboys chose Topper Clemons out of Wake Forest. The running back never played for the Cowboys but did make three appearances in the NFL in 1987 for the Philadelphia Eagles. Never gained a yard as a rusher in three attempts but had one reception for 13 yards.

More recently the Cowboys took Courtney Brown out of Cal Poly in 2007. He would be in Dallas for two seasons before joining the New York Giants in 2010 after a one year hiatus. Brown left football after 2010. He recorded 13 career tackles all as a member of the Cowboys.

Pick 216:

In 1963 the Cowboys selected Dennis Golden out of Holy Cross. He turned down the opportunity to join the United States Marine Corp. In 1980 the team selected Larry Savage out of Michigan State. Savage never played in the NFL. In 1983 they selected George Peoples out of Auburn. He would play one season for the Cowboys before stops in New England and Tampa Bay. His playing career ended following the 1985 season.

In 1985 the Cowboys would select Leon Gonzalez. Gonzalez was a wide receiver out of Bethune-Cookman. He played two seasons in the NFL. In 1985 with the Cowboys he recorded 15 punt returns for 58 yards while also accumulating 28 yards on three receptions. In 1987 with the Atlanta Falcons, Gonzalez had 40 yards on three receptions before calling it a career in the NFL.

In 1994 the Cowboys selected Toddrick McIntosh out of Florida State. He played high school football in nearby Richardson, TX. McIntosh moved around quite a bit in the NFL having stints with the Cowboys, Buccaneers, Saints, Packers and Vikings. McIntosh also had stints in CFL and the Arena League.

The final of the picks at 216 belongs to Patrick Crayton of NW Oklahoma St. Crayton was a former quarterback turned receiver and he was a solid player for this team from 2004-2009. He would finish his playing career in San Diego from 2010-2011. As a Cowboy he finished with 196 receptions for   2,888 yards and 23 touchdowns. At the same time he was also a punt returner. He scored two touchdowns as a returner both coming in 2009.

Pick 217:

There will be history made in this draft class. For the first time in their history the Dallas Cowboys will be picking a player at 217.

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