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Why Drafting Zeke At Four Makes Sense For The Cowboys.

There is still plenty of time before the NFL Draft but one argument has been increasing with intensity. What do the Cowboys do with pick four in the upcoming draft? Many will point to the pass rush due to the fact that Greg Hardy doesn’t appear to be coming back. You can also add the need is growing with the Cowboys inability to sign any of the free agents.

Some will also point to the secondary. The Cowboys have Orlando Scandrick coming off of an ACL tear, Mo Claiborne re-signed and they still have Brandon Carr and his big contract. Jalen Ramsey is the guy I feel will be the selection provided he can get by the first three teams selecting. When teamed up with Byron Jones, they would form a dynamic duo in the secondary.

However I am looking at one man right now and that is Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott. Many will say and deservedly so that the positional outlook on running backs make it seem a bit far fetched to take him top five. Last season we saw Todd Gurley go in the top 10 and his on field performance once he returned from injury justify it. Can the Cowboys take Elliott and expect a similar return on investment? Well Elliott isn’t Gurley but I think the Cowboys provide the best situation for it.


Elliott is one of those backs who you can’t take off the field because of how dynamic he is. Consistently I saw Elliott turn some negative plays into positive or a three yard gain into an eight yard gain. He avoids contact with his uncanny body control. According to Pro Football Focus the Cowboys had the best run blocking offensive line in football. Plug in Elliott and just watch out. Zeke can also be the receiving threat that this teams needs out of the backfield with Dunbar’s future with the Cowboys in doubt.

What Elliott does best is provide Tony Romo with protection. In 2014 Romo had an MVP like season. He had Murray carry most of the load and it made this offense even harder to defend against. The best way to help this defense is to repeat what they did in 2014. This team can control the clock; wear down a defense and let Romo and Elliott close out games.

Maybe selecting a running back in the top 10 isn’t always the best idea but this team is built to get that return on investment immediately.


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Patrick Conn is the lead NFL Draft analyst for TBN. Over the past three years he has worked with Inside The Star, Blogging The Boys, and Fansided. His work has even been published on SI.com. Patrick has been on ESPN East Texas discussing the Cowboys and the NFL Draft. Follow him on twitter @DraftCowboys.

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