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Why Selecting Romo’s Replacement Is Not A Given At The Fourth Pick.

For those of you who stroll the draft boards and social media begging for the Dallas Cowboys to select a quarterback with the fourth pick in this draft let me pose this question for you all. Who is the quarterback in 2016?

Who will step onto the field and god be hold if our Romo is injured and the game on the line?

We need that “guy” as the pundits would say. Who is that guy? Is it the quarterback who has yet to taken a snap in an NFL regular-season game? The guy whose last snap under center in a game that counted could have been against Jacksonville State?

The guy who has started all of 24 games since leaving high school? This is not a knock on Carson Wentz who so far seems to be the best quarterback in the draft.

Is it Jared Goff from Cal? These two quarterbacks seem to be the best talented playernat the position in this year’s draft but do you really think two sets of mini camp practices, nine OTA workouts and whatever reps that quarterback gets in training camp/preseason would be enough for a guy who didn’t play above the FCS level to even have a chance of winning a game so early in his rookie season?

Those veteran quarterbacks that the Cowboys brought in last year didn’t do one thing very well either but on the other hand there also is the argument that Tennessee and Tampa Bay got their first-round drafted quarterbacks ready to play from the get-go this past season. That is fine but they had no other choice.

They gave those guys all of the starter reps in preparation. That won’t happen with the return of the 2014 season’s best QB in the NFL, who by the way, will need all the work he can get to prepare for the 2016 season after playing in just four games last year.

So in my opinion there will be lots of quarterbacks available and I do believe they should bring in. Lets not harp on the quarterback position because at best he wont start till a few years down the road and we can take the lead from Denver Broncos and Manning. He performed amazing at his age and with a dominant defense Romo can do the same.


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