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Critical Off-Season Moves The Dallas Cowboys Must Make.

Make Brandon Carr a cap casualty on June 1.

I don’t necessarily disagree with that notion but I’m not doing that until I find a potential starter. That could mean keeping , who is set to be a free agent. That could be adding a free agent . That could mean adding one with the fourth pick of the draft.

The space gained from making Carr a June 1 cut doesn’t hit the Cowboys’ cap until June 1, so there would not be a lot of money to spend in March. The Dallas Cowboys would use that space for their rookies and possibly carry over the cap space to 2017. Reach a new deal with Carr on a short-term extension. Carr is set to receive nine million. Make a short term deal in the neighborhood of five million as that what he would receive on the open market


No to DeMarco Murray

Yes as any true cowboys fan i would love to have DeMarco Murray Back. He was our bread and butter in 2014 and was surely missed in 2015. But I would only take him back at not what the eagles paid him last year. He needs to come at a cheaper price.


Sign Alfred Morris

Most people want to sign Lamar Miller to the Cowboys as a petition on many Cowboys social media sites. Morris’ name comes up only a little bit. Morris’ numbers have dropped every season, although that is not entirely his fault.  He ran for 751 yards last year. He is a grinding type of back and wears defenses down. I would only sign him if he is contract friendly.


Not Signing Johnny Manziel.

Most definitely won’t sign Johnny Manziel. We can put those rumors to rest. For a bargain basement price I would sign Tarvaris Jackson who was a backup in Seattle. He has played before and is pretty good. Colt McCoy comes to mind as well.


Go heavy on pass rushers

The cowboys have no intention on signing Greg Hardy. It was a bad experiment. I really like Mario Williams of the Buffalo Bills. As all indications indicate he will be released and he never fitted in Rex Ryan’s defense. He would really shore up the defensive line. He would fit well in Rod Marinelli’s defense. This might be a stretch but if we can get a beast like Jason Pierre Paul from the Giants that would be a coup. With Paul and Smith shoring up the line Cowboys fans get ready for a dominating defense that will put less pressure on the secondary. Also it will depend on what happens in the draft. The defense will be set for a long time.


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