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Why The Cowboys Will be Super Bowl Contenders in 2016

The Carolina Panthers didn’t win Super Bowl 50 however with their 15-2 record they were able to make it to the big dance. With that said I don’t see a reason why our Dallas Cowboys can not make it to the Super Bowl in 2016 and here are the reasons why.

The main turn around for 2016 will be Tony Romo’s return from injury and also to sign a viable backup. I think I hear RG3 rumors lurking in the halls of Valley Ranch. When Romo was fully healthy the Cowboys were 3-1.

The Cowboys offense is built around Tony Romo so plugging in a Matt Cassel or Brandon Weeden just would not work and without a 1,800 yard runner like DeMarco Murray we couldn’t contend. Also signing a running back in the draft would help and depending on what happens with Dunbar.

Getting Romo back should be enough because even without Murray veteran quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Eli Manning have proven you can win a Super Bowl with good offenses and great defenses. They might not get a back like Murray again with his 1,800 yards but with a healthy Romo and back like McFadden who can grind out 1000 yards they can win the division and run the table. With Romo returning the defense will be better and the offense will not have a lot of three and outs like last year. The defense kept the cowboys in games all year.

Speaking of the Defense we must get younger at the corner back position and sign or draft a dominant defensive lineman. Depending with what happens with linebacker Rolando McClain the linebacker position will need to be addressed.

In my wildest dreams I would love to grab Denver’s Von Miller but latest reports indicate that Denver will put the franchise tag on him. If the Dallas Cowboys front office stick to this plan the 2016 season could be awesome season in the making.



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