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Why The Dallas Cowboys Must Draft Right Instead Of Need

In previous drafts the Dallas Cowboys drafted for need,offensive lineman Travis Frederick comes to mind. In the 2016 draft the Dallas Cowboys must trust their instincts instead of drafting for need. As the window of opportunity is closing for the Cowboys to win a Superbowl.

Here are my reasons as to why I think we must draft with our gut instead of need.

  1. Get the pick right. This is easier said that done, and even though the Cowboys have the number four pick in the draft.
  2. There are 88 days till draft day April 28th in Chicago. The choice for the Cowboys isn’t clear. Will they draft a quarterback for Tony Romo’s replacement or will they go another route for a player or players that can help them win now and in the future.
  3. If you read the pre draft mocks and analysis its a good read. Some analysts say the Cowboys might not pick this high again for years and this is their chance to groom their next franchise quarterback for down the line. Some insist the Dallas Cowboys must draft a shutdown corner or an impact pass rusher because they didn’t get enough takeaways or sacks in 2015.



If the Cowboys draft a quarterback they have to make sure he is the real deal. If not the Cowboys could be doomed in mediocrity for years. There is some basis to this opinion as whoever they draft will be a star in the NFL for years. This sometimes works out and sometimes it doesn’t. If we look at previous draft history this is not always the case.

Of the 14 fourth overall picks from 2000-2014, only five have made multiple Pro Bowls: A.J. Green, Trent Williams, D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Philip Rivers and Justin Smith. Jonathan Ogden and Derrick Thomas are in the Hall Of Fame as former number four draft picks and Charles Woodson can be assured in the hall as well. For those that have made it their are others that were a bust. Derrick Benson and Peter Warrick come to mind.


The Dallas Cowboys have been very fortunate with draft picks in this range. Troy Aikman (No. 1), Tony Dorsett (No. 2) and Randy White (No. 2) all worked out pretty good for us. Actually it worked out pretty good as all three are in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame.

When you talk about need I can’t see the Cowboys drafting a offensive lineman as they have so much depth at that position. Need usually factors into a team’s draft decisions on some level but teams can’t afford to risk reaching for a player. There are no sure things in the NFL Draft, even in the top 5.

That is what makes the Cowboys’ evaluations and the building of their draft board so important over the next few months. This is why the Cowboys have to get this pick right at number 4. That has been said I believe it’s the persons talent the Cowboys have to draft and not the need. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his brain trust must get this pick right this time.

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