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TBN Draft Prospect Profile: Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry is coming off a National Championship and a Heisman Trophy winning campaign.

So now the junior from Yulee, Florida is looking to take his game to the next level. The big question right now is Henry the next Trent Richardson or is he the guy to break the Alabama stereotype.

Class: Junior
School: Alabama
Career Carries: 603
Career Yards: 3,591
Career Touchdowns: 42



The first thing that will stand out is the size of Henry. To quote my former podcast partner Keith Mullins, he wins getting off the bus.

He looks more like what you would expect out of a tight end than a running back. With his size and frame one should expect that Henry can take the punishment week in and week out.

To go along with Henry’s size he is a north and south runner. You won’t see him try to dance around causing defenders to miss.

He has one goal and Henry will run through you to get there. Henry does utilize the jump cut pretty well for a man his size.

The best attribute a running back can have is ball security. Henry has lost four fumbles during his time in Tuscaloosa.

This season he averaged a fumble every 101.5 touches. The increased workload didn’t seem to affect him in this area or production for that matter.



The big question for Henry is the pass catching. In this offense a running back needs to be a factor in the passing game.

Henry has 17 career receptions with 11 of those coming this season. This is one area that is hard to project but giving ample coaching he should become a weapon in this area.

Derrick Henry will need space to get going on the next level. Given the weapons the Cowboys have up front this poses no problem.

Once he does get going he is like a locomotive steaming down the track. If he has to try and create on his own then you take away one of the better parts of his game.



Derrick Henry should be one of the first few backs taken in this year’s draft. He has the power and blocking ability that you want for a feature running back.

I believe that he fits in both a power scheme or a zone blocking scheme. He does show good vision and reminds me a bit of DeMarco Murray as far as running style. He doesn’t shy away from contact at all.

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