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Key Areas The Dallas Cowboys Must Improve On Offense For 2016.

Jerry Jones and head coach Jason Garrett spend so much time tailoring the offense to Tony Romo, and we found out this season it didn’t do very well when Romo was injured.

Here are five things the Dallas Cowboys must do better in 2016 to be the offense it was in 2014.


1. Score in the Red Zone.

Scoring Touchdowns in the Red Zone instead of kicking field goals. We all know in the NFL kicking field goals instead of scoring touchdowns will haunt you. The cowboys when in the red zone need to run a few fade routes with Bryant when he is healthy.


2. Attacking the defense in different ways and creating more mismatches.

The problem this season when Dez Bryant went down for five games and wasn’t his self the Cowboys weren’t able to create mismatches with Cole Beasley and Terrance Williams. Instead of relying on their players to create mismatches the coaching staff must be creative such as running rub routes like the New England Patriots receivers or wide receiver bubble screens and pick plays.


3. More Big Plays.

With Romo out the cowboys coaches instructed Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel to throw the ball short which was no help at all. With out the big plays the Cowboys were forced to go on long touch down drives which they weren’t able to execute this season. With Romo healthy again in 2016 more big plays will happen as Romo is not afraid to go deep and he has to use receiver Beasley as a option.


4. Get Physical.

The Dallas Cowboys boast one if not the best offensive lines in all of football. The Cowboys converted only 8 of 19 first downs. That was the worst conversion rate in the NFL. In my opinion the Cowboys need to draft a running back in the first four rounds. Derrick Henry is waiting to come to Dallas.


5. Cut down on the penalties.

More then half of the cowboys penalties on offensive were for illegal procedure. This is a drive killer. It boils down to concentration and discipline. A majority of them were on Doug Free.

You can understand Free tries to get a advantage as some of the defensive lineman are bigger and stronger then him. If the Cowboys can do all these five things they will be a bigger better stronger team offensively in 2017 and contend for the NFC East and the Superbowl.


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