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Houston, You Have A Big Problem


Seems like the Houston Texans had the Dallas Cowboys on their minds today instead of their playoff opponents the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Texans were making fun of the Cowboys for not making the playoffs this year and showed “Good Luck in 2016” and Cowboys mascot “Rowdy” on their big board in their stadium as their home fans cheered loudly but oh how the tables have turned.



NFL and Houston Chronicle writer John McClain had a few choice words for his Houston Texans team via his Twitter account.

Here is another tweet by McClain


McClain calls the Texans offense an abomination….ouch!!!



Here was our reply to the Houston Texans’ Twitter account after finding out the Texans were mocking our Dallas Cowboys.


The Texans ended up getting trashed at home by the Kansas City Chiefs 30-0 ending their season in fashion. On a funnier note the Kansas City fans started their tomahawk chop chant while most of the Houston Texans fans were heading to the exit. By the looks of it #CowboysNation got the last laugh.

In closing in the words of The Rock “Know your role and shut your mouth” Texans.



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