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To Tank, Or Not To Tank.. That Is The Question…….


Howdy Cowboys Nation!

Here we are, another week where our “savior” Tony Romo goes down with a broken ” Romo Bone” as I like to call it.

Now we have had a crazy rough season so far, it’s been one of the toughest seasons to be a Cowboys Fan in a very long time and the talks have been boiling up about “tanking” to get a solid draft pick.

Thanksgiving has come and gone and when Romo went down all of Cowboys Nation knew the season was over… BUT WAIT!!!

Then everyone realizes that we are still only two games back from the division lead! Then to top it all off the Cowboys have decided to NOT place Tony Romo on the IR in hopes he can return for PLAYOFFS?… PLAYOFFS!?

Stop it… Just stop. Think about all of this will you?  We haven’t won a game without Romo and this team is stammering to even figure out how to win most of these games, and they just got creamed by the Panthers on Thanksgiving.

Honestly, I’ve heard all the arguments and I get them and I understand that while under Coach Garrett this team will continue to fight ,claw and scrape their way into any chance to make the playoffs, while that’s great can we just end our suffering?

This team NEEDS a young QB behind Romo because we simply cannot do this anymore when he goes down and he will go down again in the next 1-5 years he is on this team and plays.

At this point, I’d love to see what Kellen Moore can do and if he could be the new QB behind Romo . We need a top 5 draft pick and if this Coaching Staff sees a spark in Moore and believe he can learn behind Romo and be the next franchise QB then let him and we can use that pick on some serious needs like LB or WR.

I love that the team will continue to fight and I understand that Sean Lee, Dez Bryant and Jason Witten and crew will continue to go on the field and do their best no matter what, however, we need to be realistic and find a way to salvage that top 5 pick.

If this team can suddenly get their act together and win out with a back up QB then great… but who wants to get slaughtered in the first round of the playoffs? I also refuse to get my hopes up anymore only to have them come crashing down back on me.

So to tank or not to tank, that is a very good question. Guess we will find out after Monday Night.

Stay strong out their Cowboys Nation, I have huge respect for those loyal fans that still watch the games , still hang their flags proudly, and still support no matter the circumstances.


You can take it, leave it, or throw it back at me…



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