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Can The Dallas Cowboys Win The NFC East?

The Dallas Cowboys sitting at (2-7) you would think the NFL would be counting them out of the playoff chase but with quarterback Tony Romo returning and the NFC East still up for grabs the Cowboys are all but out.

The New York Giants are sitting on top of the East as of now with a (5-5) followed by the Redskins (4-5) and the Eagles (4-5) then the Cowboys (2-7).  Below are the remaining schedules for the rest of the NFC East.


Giants (2-2 division record)

  • Redskins
  • Jets
  • Dolphins
  • Panthers
  • Vikings
  • Eagles

Redskins (1-1 division record)

  • Giants
  • Cowboys
  • Bears
  • Bills
  • Eagles
  • Cowboys

Eagles (2-2 division record)

  • Lions
  • Patriots
  • Bills
  • Cardinals
  • Redskins
  • Giants

Division games


NFL great and current NFL Network analyst LaDainian Tomlinson feels that (8-8) or (7-9) will win the NFC East and the Dallas Cowboys will finish (6-1) down the stretch to finish 8-8 and winning the NFC East title for the second year in a row. Take a listen.


Former Senior Vice President & General Manager for the Houston Texans and current NFL Network analyst Charley Casserly weighs in on the Dallas Cowboys .


Road to the playoffs starts Sunday against the Miami Dolphins (4-5) and they will not be a push over by any means. The Dallas Cowboys must continue to run the ball and keep Tony Romo upright and limit their turnovers.

The time is now for us to win and the margin for error is slim to none.



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