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Rowdy’s Week 10 Thoughts And Rant.

Howdy Ya’ll!

I know this is getting old, the losses continue to pile up while the bandwagon Cowboys fans are officially jumping ship. Let me just say this to those “fans” who say they support the Cowboys but suddenly when they are 2-6 they are jumping ship and going into hiding.

SCREW YOU! We don’t need you, we don’t want you and all of you are making me freaking sick!! This may upset or offended plenty of people out there, but those are the fans who ARE The bandwagon fans,  you know who you are and we don’t want you back once the Cowboys start doing well again and they will.

I’m sick and tired of negative fans who don’t know the facts and strictly listen to the media.

I’m sick and tired of fans who cant grow up and grow a pair and be mature enough to handle the stress that IS supporting your favorite teams. I’m sick and tired of fans who don’t understand there will be bad years and good years.

I’m sick and tired of excuses.

If you’re this fan, screw off and don’t show your face in the Cowboys T-Shirt, or Hat.. or anything for that matter because you have NO RIGHT to wear the STAR.


That star is tattooed on my body, it flies proudly outside my house and that star is on just about everything in my entire house. I am not the only one, there are tons of real fans out there.. and to those fans I say THANK YOU. You are the reason this team continues to fight, the team , organization and fan base appreciate you if you’re the fan that will stand behind a team no matter what.

Trust me, there are plenty of other things I want to say but I want to keep this as PG as possible.

There is no denying that the Cowboys need a win and they need it now, but even then it’s going to be quite the struggle to try to  get back into contention. But just a little bit of hope is all I need, if this division continues to stink it up then there is a chance but the Cowboys MUST win this weekend and we are putting quite a bit of pressure on Tony Romo when he comes back.

We all know Tony is eligible to come back against the Dolphins, and he will play. To those who just want the Cowboys to tank for a draft pick you can forget it, it won’t happen. Coach Garrett has preached to “fight” and to “finish” and they will compete and build on whatever they can do this year.

Only time will tell on if they can claw their way out of this one but there is a long road ahead of us. Lets go Cowboys, we need one this weekend. 12:00 PM CST, Tampa Bay… it’s going down. For real.

Take it , leave it , or throw it back at me..



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