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Rowdy’s Week 9 Update DAL vs Philly

Howdy ya’ll!

Well, here we are again another rough week for Cowboys fans.

We are all at the point where we are begging for a touchdown and being able to wake up Monday morning with a smile on our faces while not having to keep ESPN off all week.

This week though is just like the last handful but there is still HOPE which is amazing at this point.

The Giants lost on Sunday as well leaving hope within the hearts of all of Cowboys Nation but we have to live with the fact that the Cowboys were close to scoring several times last Sunday and just couldn’t get it done and lose by just one point.

The run game looks great (so far) don’t fix what isn’t broken but teams are not respecting the passing game of the Cowboys and are coming full force at  a backup QB to keep him off center. So far, it’s working but the defense continues to step up and they will need to do it again this weekend against the most hated team in America.

The Cowboys will finally get a win IF:

  1. The run game continues to be strong.
  2. Matt Cassel and this offense can find the end zone. We see Dez “Throw Up The X”

The defense can get another take away and make it count. There are a lot of “ifs” there but they are all possible.

This Eagles team always comes to fight, and fight they will but the Cowboys are at home. Dez gets another week to get back to being himself and the Defense is the best we have had in awhile.

I have a gut feeling that the Cowboys can pull this one off in a close match I want to see Greg Hardy and this D-Line make the Eagles offensive unit look like the crap they are and shut up the worst fan base in America.

We need a win this weekend it’s a divisional rival and this team needs a lift we are in a weak division and this puts us right back in it with a big win this weekend and I think this team will get that.

But this is the NFL folks and as we have found out this year already you just never know what could happen.

You can take it or leave it or throw it back at me.



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