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Rowdy’s Seattle vs Cowboys Thoughts And More.


Well another bad week for Cowboys fans as we get to deal with the internet trolls and annoying co-workers who like to rub losses in our face again. There are no excuses we need to find ways to win and not blow it in the second half.


To the fans who are blaming Beasley for the last loss please get a life you cannot blame a single loss on one guy when all the events that led up to that moment put them in a terrible situation anyways. From the interceptions by Cassel to the terrible special teams, and who is to say Beasley makes that catch and Cassel is able to run down the field without another interception in less than two minutes… he isn’t Romo people.

Also I love that the people who hated Romo before and are now begging for him to come back.



So this week is a new week and more time for Cassel to get familiar with the offense, Dez is set to practice today which could be huge for this weekend and provide a better opportunity to win.

A new week with more rumors about the running back situation although McFadden did look pretty good and finally getting into a groove, if he continues that I say lets run him as much as possible.

We must be able to run the ball in second half like we do in the first, and we need that this Sunday.  We also need the defense to remain calm cool and collected.

The media blowing up the Greg Hardy incident is so typical and I’m not even going to get into that mess.

The Cowboys CAN win this weekend if Cassel can remain comfortable and the defense can put on a show a lot of “what ifs” which is become a routine for Cowboys fans. We will need to see the Cowboys win at least two more games until the Romo return on November 22nd and the NFC East will need to continue to fall if they are to remain hopeful for playoffs but it’s an uphill battle for sure.

This is that time you see all those bandwagon fans start hiding and the true fans still support. If you’re not a true fan and support this team no matter what, we don’t want you as a fan… we are Americas Team, we have the best fan base around and you can take your bandwagon self back to whatever team you want.

Take it,  leave it, throw it back at me…


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