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Rowdy’s Weekly Review- Cowboys Vs. Giants


First off, I don’t understand all these fans who are posting sad pictures and captioning them with ” how I feel on a Cowboys bye week”, typically I would agree but this bye week came at the best time possible.

You get a week away from a game without Dez and Romo, it’d be worse if the bye week was during their return don’t you think?

We got a week for injured players to simply rest up and get back to 100% including Randy Gregory who is expected to make his return.

We also didn’t lose and gave Matt Cassel more time to get familiar with the offense and get comfortable.


If you still want to complain and post ridiculous memes you probably should reconsider and look at the facts. Why hurt your team more than they are? The bye week is GREAT right now. That being said, the “bye” week is now over and we have the Giants this Sunday.


The Giants looked pretty terrible Monday night against the Eagles but we needed that as Cowboys fans to even out the division and continue to give us hope until Romo can return.

The Cowboys will be leaving early Friday after a short practice to view the 9/11 memorial and then practice Saturday. Dez Bryant is supposed to practice today and Thursday to evaluate if he can play. If Dez Bryant  can be on the field, whether he is catching the ball or not will prove to be very helpful for the Cowboys and open up more options for Cassel. The running game needs to be on point to give him some sort of support.


I don’t see Dez playing this weekend even if he claims he is “100%”.  Why? Because we all know Dez, he is going to argue he is fine to play  but if an MRI comes out and says he is 100% and he claims the same I still say give it one more week. Why risk further injury and possibly  a season ending injury on one week, let it get more than the 100% and go full out so we can finally see that “X” get thrown up.  I don’t think this coaching staff is going to force anything I see a small chance he suits up and plays but the chances are small and the staff will be careful with this decision.


The Cowboys will finally get their defense they have been wanting since pre season and if Monday night shows anything about the giants I think Eli will have a tough time getting the ball out or get anything going at all.

Dallas has a good chance to win this game and they need it, Matt Cassel must win us at least 2 games until  Romo can get back and a divisional game would bring life back into this squad and hope for Cowboys Nation.

Fingers crossed, hopefully everything works out but we won’t know until Sunday.  Next game up is Seattle.


Take it, leave it, or throw it back at me..



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