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My Week 5 Thoughts…..

What’s going #CowboysNation here are some of my thoughts after our Dallas Cowboys loss 30-6 to the New England Patriots and what the team needs to improve on to end our three game losing streak.

Let’s Go…….



With the 3rd loss in a row, it appears that Weeden is on his way out and in come Cassel. I know that people say, “well, Cassel has won before…” but that was FIVE YEARS AGO. What has he done lately? I tell you… he’s been going from team to team, not making the squad.

When you get beat out by Christian Ponder, Tyrod Taylor, and EJ Emmanuel, that’s not good. It’s not that he’s worse or better than Weeden. Its that he takes too many risk and is careless with the football at times.

The only real think I like about Cassel over Weeden is that he’s at least more mobile. He will be able to get out of a few situations where the O-line isn’t blocking well.




Offensive Line

I’m not sure WHATS going on but it needs to be fixed and fixed fast. This is back to back games where the O-line just isn’t’ holding up. They aren’t run blocking OR pass blocking very well right now. I’m seeing way too much penetration by the opponents defensive line. That MUST be corrected or we are in trouble, even when Tony and Dez gets back.




Running game

This is a real mess. The fact that we are STILL trying out running backs troubles me. It appears that the Cowboys don’t truly trust ANY of the current backs we have on the roster. Guess it’s Michaels turn. We will see just why Seattle was so easy to let him go. I hope we can finally find some one to stick with and leave them in. The running back by committee just isn’t working.







What can i say about how good the defense is playing so far. They got five sacks on a New England team, IN ONE HALF, that usually doesn’t give up that many sacks period. That means¬†alot and is definitely something that we can build on.

I can only imagine what that defense would be like with a full strength offense. Greg Hardy has made an immediate impact and with Gregory on the other side and Crawford in the middle, this defense may be tops in the league by the end of the season. Top 7 easy.



We MUST win at least 2 of the next 3 games if we are going to stay in the hunt. Hopefully, our superstars can get back sooner than later with no set backs.


Del Walton


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