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Rowdys Week 3 thoughts/ Pre Saints

Howdy #CowboysNation!

Well, Week three was interesting to say the least.


Just some quick thoughts:

  • Weeden did better than I thought he would, his interception was crucial though and definitely helped turn the tables.
  • Running game was great the first half with Randle, after that it fell apart for the second half.
  • Defense must step up, we need to get healthy guys back to continue being able to rotate. ¬†Without the rotation of key members it falls apart quickly.
  • Short game passes looked solid, but team must be confident that Weeden can throw the long ball too.


I hate the phrase “Must Win” , it’s terrible because no game is ever a “Must Win” until its a win or go home situation which this weekend it is not. That being said, look at the upcoming schedule with the Patriots to follow next weekend and then a much needed bye week.

The Dallas Cowboys really need a win this weekend, I don’t see the Cowboys being able to take on the Patriots without Tony and Dez.. but there’s always a possibility and you never know what could happen.

The defense is going to need to step up this weekend and the run game will need more consistency… We are playing a 0-3 saints team that is desperate for a win and they are at home.

The Cowboys can certainly win this game but we cannot play like we did the second half of the falcons game. We really need to go into the patriots game at 3-1 to give some breathing room afterwords before the bye.

The good news is after this week we get lots of key guys back , and after the bye we can hope to see Dez back soon.

I think the Cowboys beat the Saints this weekend in another close match up.

I’ve got the Cowboys winning 28-24


Take it, leave it.. or throw it back at me..





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