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Rowdy Week 2 Thoughts/Pre Game Falcons Talk

Howdy fans!

Well, we had yet another bitter sweet victory for Cowboys Nation as we all held our breath when Tony Romo crashed to the ground Sunday Evening and we now know he is out for at least 8 weeks with a broken clavicle.

Brandon Weeden came in and did score a TD and was 7/7 for passing. I’m not jumping on his bandwagon just yet… he did play somewhat well during the preseason besides the volleyball spike he had when he missed the ball but did seem to  drive down the field well.

Another plus, is this coaching staff and team has been all over how well he has done in the off season/preseason and feel very comfortable with him taking over. Not comfortable enough though, as they snagged Matt Cassel from the Bills.

At the end of the day we got to see the Philly fans CRY… then cry some more… then per usual boo the other team, then their own team, and then cry some more.

Philly fans are the worst in history, why bring your team down when they are not doing well.. not sure the logic there but it is “The City of Brotherly love) (not) .

This weekend poses yet another challenge , we get to see if Weeden can step up behind this O-Line and deliver must win games while Tony and Dez are both out. Not just him, but Terrance Williams , Cole Beasly, and the entire crew.

The Defense looks great, and soon we get back key components with Hardy, Gregory and McClain.

Sean Lee received the NFC Defensive player of the week as he should and if he stays healthy and looks like he did Sunday I am confident that our Defense can hold while our Offense figures out how to get to the end zone.

I  think its time to eat some more bird, the Falcons are also 2-0 and look steady.

If the Cowboys D can do what they did and the offense can  find a way to score over 20 and get Brandon Weeden comfortable we have a solid chance to go 3-0… and right now we need every win we can get with key players out for a lengthy time.


Last note- The Eagles Suck.


Take it, leave it, or throw it back at me…





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